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Keerthana Portrait

Keerthana S Kumar

Hailing from a lineage of engineers, Keerthana initially focused her career toward a prosperous corporate career, driven by familial encouragement. Graduating from top institutions, she acquired her undergraduate degree in engineering and later pursued a postgraduate degree in business. However, during her time as a business consultant, Keerthana unearthed her latent passion for art. Today, she stands as a flourishing contemporary figurative painter, calling Bangalore, India, her home and artistic sanctuary.

Keerthana's artistic journey has always been a celebration of womanhood, capturing and articulating the myriad emotions that define the female experience. Drawing inspiration from pop culture, fauvism, and symbolism, her work serves as a vibrant testament to the influences that shape her creative vision.

Her art has organically evolved, shaped by personal encounters with colour biases and gender prejudices that profoundly influenced her self-perception. As a woman of colour, she confronted challenges stemming from her dark complexion within her racial and ethnic communities. The arbitrary expectations of gender roles felt like shackles on her free will, especially in the conservative setting of Chennai, India, where she was raised.  

In this conservative community, Keerthana encountered a scarcity of representations reflecting her own narrative in media, social circles, and even within her family, who had achieved remarkable success. Fuelled by her unconventional mindset, she bravely questioned societal conditioning, determined to carve out a space where she could make a difference in her world.

Keerthana Portrait

A Sense of Unity and Understanding

“I am interested in the unusual juxtaposition of varied ethnicities united by pop culture and consumerism.”

Keerthana S Kumar

Keerthana S Kumar


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