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Arty Airbnb

Curating Emotional Connections

"I aspire to make art accessible and celebrated by all. Society today is motivated by innovation, and I believe that art is an endless source for new experiences."

Astrid Lesuisse

Astrid Lesuisse

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Enjoy Dubai from a new dimension! The « Dubai à la mode » Arty Airbnb is a fascination and unique accommodation option for visitors to Dubai that brings the electrifying contrasts of the city to life. Located in the bustling hub of Dubai Downtown, where super-shoppers and young creatives gather, mingling between the Design District and the Dubai Mall, this Arty Airbnb offers an exclusive collection of over 12 original pieces of art created by Dubai-based artists to reflect Dubai’s culture, architecture and lifestyle.

From bold paintings, abstract compositions and digital art to thought-provoking installations, each piece has been carefully curated by Astrid Lesuisse to complement Aliyance Interiors’ masterful design culminating in an exquisite blend of Art and Design.
The outcome of this one-of-a-kind collaboration yields an exciting atmosphere that stimulates the senses and sparks conversations among guests and visitors alike.
By integrating art into the design of the space, the interiors aim to fuse the heritage of Emirati culture in a modern setting, with the desire to tell the neighbourhood story and help guests feel part of the destination.


" Astrid is not only an excellent contemporary art expert and a talented professional. She is also a person who has a keen sense of other people. She selected art for my new apartment in Dubai, being extremely attentive to my taste, budget and needs; she created a professional catalog and even did a mini art tour for my friends housewarming party! Astrid is always so easy to collaborate with and easy to communicate with!"

Natalia S.

Dubai, À La Mode

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I am here to assist you in your art journey and guide you in your future art acquisitions through a tailored and emotional art collecting experience. For inquiries about artworks, artists, or to share your insights, please fill out the form , and I will get back to you within 24 hours.

Astrid Lesuisse

+971 58 512 9312

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