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Events & Exhibitions

Curating Emotional Connections

"Astrid has a special eye for spotting young talents who make a difference. She builds her relationship with artists and collectors on respect and makes it grow through her kindness. She is able to explain the artistic process of a painting by sharing her emotions. And that makes a big difference because she creates a precious link between the artist and the collector."


Astrid Lesuisse


One of Astrid Lesuisse’s specialized skillsets involves the curation, planning, development, organization, and presentation of engaging exhibitions that showcase a collection of artworks in a thought-provoking yet approachable way. Her curatorial approach is collaborative and multicultural, fostering an emotional connection between visitors and the artists showcased, resulting in an impactful experience for all.

As a true out-of-the-box thinker, Astrid Lesuisse is constantly reinventing herself. Her expertise in Events Programming encompasses ideation, meticulous planning, flawless execution, and a touch of artistic flair to guarantee a wow effect. This skillset involves linking and coordinating various actors to craft a seamless and new experience for guests. Astrid Lesuisse has curated a wide range of events like panel discussions, exhibition openings, workshops, fairs, concerts, corporate events, social gatherings, and more.

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A Symphony of Shadows and Light