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"I aspire to make art accessible and celebrated by all. Society today is motivated by innovation, and I believe that art is an endless source for new experiences."

Astrid Lesuisse

Demeter's Embrace

Artist: Kristel Bechara
Year: 2024
Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Dimensions: H 150cm x W 100cm
Edition: Original Artwork 1 of 1
Status: Available

Kristel Bechara masterfully captures the multifaceted essence of the Greek goddess Demeter, revered as the goddess of nature, fertility, and the harvest.

At the heart of this captivating painting is Demeter herself, depicted with an expression of both maternal tenderness and fierce determination.

Demeter's hands, adorned with intricate patterns characteristic of the artist's signature style, are positioned as if she's drawing out the life force from the earth itself. However, the ground beneath her appears barren and desolate, reminiscent of a parched desert landscape.

This juxtaposition symbolizes Demeter's dual role as both nurturer and destroyer, reflecting the cyclical nature of life and the seasons.

Behind her, flowers bloom defiantly, emerging from her hair and back, a testament to the resilience of life even in the face of her grief. A solitary clock stands beside Demeter, its hands ticking away the passage of time, yet broken and fractured, a reflection of her tumultuous emotions and the disruption of the natural order.

Wheat symbols adorn the background, representing fertility and abundance, further emphasizing Demeter's role as the provider of sustenance and nourishment. Juxtaposed with these symbols of fertility is the torch, a poignant reminder of Demeter's relentless search for her abducted daughter, Persephone, and the sorrow and anger that consumed her in the depths of her grief.

"Demeter's Embrace" is a poignant exploration of the goddess's dual nature – a loving mother who bestows life and abundance, yet also a formidable force whose grief can bring about devastation. Through this evocative painting, the artist invites viewers to contemplate the delicate balance between creation and destruction, growth and decay, within the eternal cycle of nature.

Kristel Bechara

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