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"I aspire to make art accessible and celebrated by all. Society today is motivated by innovation, and I believe that art is an endless source for new experiences."

Astrid Lesuisse

Eden Garden

Artist: Quentin Desmit
Year: 2023
Medium: Resin, metal, acrylic paint
Dimensions: H 123 cm x W 65 cm x D 23 cm
Edition: Original Artwork 1 of 1
Status: Available

The artist reinterprets the timeless symbol of the paintbrush, elevating it to the forefront of artistic contemplation.

Meticulously crafted, it invites viewers to appreciate the fluidity of the paintbrush flow from all angles. Earning a degree in Interior and Spatial Design, Desmit's sculptures reflect his architectural background, balancing contrasts like tradition and innovation, motion and stillness. The oversized stature of the paintbrush commands attention, emphasizing the power of creation and creating an element of surprise and sublimity.

Finding their voice in the dancing flow of the paintbrush, the artist expresses themselves through vivid colors and expressive curves, bypassing conventional words.

'Eden Garden' serves as a poignant homage to the enduring legacy of creativity, seamlessly blending past and present in a vivid tapestry of expression.

Quentin Desmit

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