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New Year Reception

The spirit of the adventurous traveler

"I always like to blend and combine the disciplines of traditional and digital art, which can be seen in 'The Voyageur'. She is a feminine entity who is unbound and free to go wherever her heart and curiosity guide her. "

Kristel Bechara

In collaboration with Gallery 7/40

The venue, inspired by Antoni Gaudi's architectural designs, resonates with Bechara's renowned style, integrating innovative mediums, dynamic patterns and expressive colors.

Featuring Kristel Bechara - January, 11, 2024 - Gallery 7/40, Dubai


Renowned contemporary visual artist Kristel Bechara, a pioneer in integrating NFT technology unveiled one of her latest projects, 'The Voyageur,' at Gallery 7/40, the beachfront restaurant at The Club Palm West Beach on January 11, 2024. This exclusive showcase, characterized by its versatile use of mediums, marked a groundbreaking exploration into the fusion of traditional and digital art. Renowned for her prowess in both traditional painting and digital art, Kristel Bechara sought to showcase the intrinsic value of digital art through her distinctive skill sets showcased in this unique project.

Initially introduced as an original large-scale canvas painting, 'The Voyageur' quickly captivated the attention of a private collector. From this masterpiece, Kristel Bechara has created five digital artworks that are fragments of the original piece, coming together to tell the many stories born within the painting. At its essence, 'The Voyageur' is a celebration of feminity. Bechara, known for portraying women and beauty in diversity introduces a singular female character symbolizing Equality, Empowerment, and Autonomy. Departing from the norm of predominantly male explorers, Bechara depicts a female explorer, challenging conventional narratives.

Astrid Lesuisse

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