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From City To Seaty

French artist born in 1983, Seaty has carved out a place for himself as one of the most emblematic artists of contemporary art in the 21st century.
Influenced by the urban culture of the 90s, oscillating between hip-hop music and the advent of graffiti, he took to the walls at an early age to create his first “wild creations”.
Self-taught, he began devoting himself fully to his art in 2012. Paying homage to the genesis of his career, his stage name became “Seaty”, the homophone of “city”.
To conceptualize his portraits, he focuses his iconographic research on faces with strong gazes, from different ethnic groups, tribes and cultures, which he transports onto canvases in black and white, enhanced by a burst of bright colors.

It is worth noting that the French artist quickly took risks by varying his creative mediums: from canvas to road signs, cars, letterboxes or even telephone booths. Because yes, while Seaty is known for his mystery and discretion, a choice that resonates with the urban aspect of graffiti, he is nonetheless eager for collaborations!

Many have called upon his universe to create exclusive pieces. Thus, fans of his style have been able to discover him in Monaco during an exceptional collaboration with the Mini MyWay dealership, where he completely transformed a Mini Clubman, in Courchevel with the British phone booth injected with his four iconic profiles on each side, in Kingston, Habano, Dwarka, and Yakasa, at the Bartoux Gallery in Cannes through a mural, or in Dreux where one of the facades of a building features an extraordinary portrait of the ‘Hoian’ artwork.

Between realism and abstraction, melancholy and joy, Seaty has forged an artistic signature that is instantly recognizable.


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