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"I aspire to make art accessible and celebrated by all. Society today is motivated by innovation, and I believe that art is an endless source for new experiences."

Astrid Lesuisse

#YOLO Her Crown May Slip But Never Falls

Artist: Keerthana S Kumar
Year: 2022
Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Dimensions: H 91cm x W 76cm
Edition: Original Artwork 1 of 1
Status: Sold
Limited Edition Prints of 25 Available

Life is a game. You are in a game, and nope you are not Mario with many lives. You only have one life. You are also given an invisible crown and your challenge is to conquer. Conquer that one thing you are good at. Always remember to straighten the crown and move forward like a queen. Take a minute to appreciate YOU. Notice the crown on the heads of other women you meet. Acknowledge them all with a secret queen smile. After all, #YOLO. This art flowered from small doses of inspiration I get from seeing many, many crowns that never fall.

Keerthana S Kumar

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